Ooh... you got my interest piqued about "The Uninvited"! Have seen the title on occasion, never saw the film nor read the book. (Ha! I miss the UP Main Library circulation room - my fav place in UP! great huge desks where I took nice naps especially when cool air wafted in thru the huge windows.)

Saw the film, read the book, for "The Innocents" - and even if it was long ago, I only recall both to have been really frightening!

Ah! "The Others" was a really good film, too! I don't think I could give it a second viewing, though -- too spooky for me!!

Great list, although unfamiliar with the first few. Thanks for another fine read!!

NOTE: For some reason, the comment posted in duplicate! I just deleted the other copy!

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The Orphanage is in Spanish (thank goodness for subtitles; my Spanish is so rusty).

Hope you get to see Us. Among the first three in the list, I find it the scariest.

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